Six-Core CPU's: are they Native or Logical?

Hey all! I was going to build a new pc and noticed that the number of cores in more recent CPUs had grown by 2 cores since last I checked. I have done a lot of searching to no effect and wondered if anyone knows whether or not the extra to cores (5/6,6/6) are natively supported or they are more of a logical (2+1x2+1) core. I am completely lost whether or not to go with a standard quad-core, or the newer six.

The specific thing I wanted to know more about was if the cores operate with cpu[1-6] affinity or some other configuration as I use affinity settings a lot with VMWare Workstation.

Until recently, I have used Dual-Xeons and had no problem, but I wanted to be sure.
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  1. All AMD processors are 'native' cores, in most cases the Intel processors have 2 'logical' cores per 'native' core (known as hyper-threading).
  2. Logical cores dont count in the advestised core count, if it lists that it has 4 cores or 6 cores, it has that many physical cores. A bunch of the newer intel processors have hyper threading which provides what some OS's see as logical cores but they dont advertise the logical core count.

    As was said above, there are no AMD processors that have more logical than physical cores(yet), only intel processors have hyper threading to get extra logical cores.
  3. All current 6 core processors have 6 physical cores.
  4. Ultimately, I intend to do some very CPU-intensive task, most of which will be Hybrid or Coarse threaded. I use my computer to compile with 3DS Max, Maya, and Adobe Photoshop CS. But as with Starcraft II coming out I am probably going to be playing/modding it [not pirate modding] and I just want to get a CPU that can handle pretty much most if not all next-gen natively, while still supporting my custom affinity settings for my virtual OS (linux). Also, I want a CPU that is current and not limited to 64 bit but can handle it. So ultimately now I just need some help with CPU picking if anyone knows of a good guide that has been user written (as in users of the CPUs in question) so as not to buy a super expensive CPU and it crap out from BSODs or it not to be able to handle its load with some grace and >= 60 FPS on most titles. Thank you Devastator_uk, hunter315, and randomizer for your expedient responses :).
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