M4a79xtd evo Motherboard Problem?

Hi I have a strange persistent problem with my recent build. This is my first build and have not gotten the whole thing to work properly. I have done numerous troubleshooting methods but have not been able to stamp out the last of the problems.

The weird thing is that I can run games all day and not a single problem, but it would crash in web browsers and iTunes every time after a short period of running them. I have tried 3 different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) with no success. I reformatted, updated BIOS and reinstalled graphics drivers, chipset drivers etc. I have run memtest86 with numerous passes no errors, tried to do 3dmark06 but would crash during CPU test.. changed the slots of my GPU to the x8 slot from the x16 slot and seemed to run better and passed the CPU test. It also crashes significantly less in browsers after the GPU slot change, I haven't even tried to reinstall iTunes. I have not tried putting it back in the x16 slot but don't see why I would go back. It seems to crash when videos are being streamed, ESPECIALLY when they are embedded or when multiple tabs are up. When it does crash it simply freezes up with strange artifacts and no BSOD. They are like black and white dots scattered about, one pixel each. I have tried under clocking my GPU to no avail and my system temps are nice and cool.

I have spent countless hours troubleshooting this and have no clue what it could be. What I think in my novice opinion is that there's something wrong with the Mobo but honestly idk what it could be at this point. Should I RMA and see what happens? I feel like that runs the risk of getting an even more defective product if that isn't even the problem and I'd also have to pay for shipping. Also it crashed numerous times while either downloading something or installing something so maybe the registry is full of stuff that could still be making it crash? I don't know if that is a possible culprit too. If anybody could lend me some support it would be great. Also I don't know if this would be the right place to post this :)

CPU AMD|PH II X4 955 3.2G AM3 RT
PSU 600 watt Coolermaster
GPU EVGA 250 gts superclocked 512mb
HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    It seems to be either a Browser hijacking virus or a bad Flash plug-in -- bad registry.

    First, uninstall Flash both listed in the Programs Uninstaller. Also, you can reset the Browsers - IE {Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Reset} Also, you can try the IE w/o Add-ons - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Internet-Explorer-add-ons-frequently-asked-questions

    Next, run ESET Online Scanner - http://www.eset.com/online-scanner , download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php , if needed the download CCleaner - http://www.piriform.com/ and run the Registry tab.

    Conflicts, run MSCONFIG -> select Diagnostic + Microsoft Services only; test.

    Afterwards, please post back. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for the feedback,

    Well I tried all of those suggestions and to no avail, I'm really leaning towards some sort of a graphics card problem. My computer froze up again (while watching an embedded video) with crazy artifacts all over the page this time, usually they are just localized around a video or window. And i could make out a little box notification that popped up that said display driver stopped working. So I've uninstalled the display driver and this time just let win7 update it on a restart because the latest ones from EVGA weren't working so I'll see how this goes.

    It seems to crash when it switches from idle to normal clock speeds like when I stream a video. I'm gunna see if the new drivers do any good. Any other suggestions?
  3. I have a very similar build to you and had the same problems. I went out yesterday and bought a new osu. A corsair gs800, and I have not had any problems at all. I have the same mobo and a phenom 945 and 8 gb Kingston ram with crossfire 5770s. I would get bsods freezes restarts black screens wouldn't connect to monitor on boot and would pass every stress test out there. I had no problems while gaming on wow rift diablo 3 or bf3 on max settings, but being on the internet always gave me problems.

    Sorry for poor sentence design, I'm in lecture on my phone!

    Good luck!
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