Does Discwizard and WD's Acronis back up other drives?

I am looking at a new hard drive, and can't decide between a Seagate or a WD. The prices and capabilities are identical, really.

Do the complimentary backup software allow you to backup/image all drives on your system, or only that particular drive?

Also, I understand that Discwizard is just Acronis with a different name, is one better than the other?
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  1. I highly recommend Clonezilla. It is a free tool you can use to backup and image any partition or hard disk.
  2. Seagate's Disk Wizard and WD's Acronis True Image WD Edition both appear to be customized versions of Acronis True Image. Both contain functionality for a LOT more than Cloning. But I have not purchased / used the real Acronis, so I can't tell you if anything is "missing" in the custom versions.

    Both will allow you to make clone copies of any SOURCE HDD, but will make the clone only TO a DESTINATION unit made by their respective suppliers. (They want to help you migrate to one of THEIR HDD's only.)
  3. True Image home does more than clone. It also does your standard file backups, scheduled backups, has a secure zone (a bootable repair partition), can create a live boot disk, can backup to network drives, sync files, try before you decide, and so on.

    I've been using true image for years. I don't use the secure zone feature because I don't like any 3rd party programs messing with my disk partitions. I create/use the live repair media instead. I mainly use it for file backups, syncing files, and disk imaging. I haven't tried the "try and decide" feature yet.
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