Atom board with PATA, ION or D510

I'm looking for an Intel Atom board that has a PATA port and either a n330 or d510 Cpu, or the ION chipset from Nvidia would be fine. I'm going to replace my slowly dying Pentium 4 1.7ghz rig for a few months and don't want to spend more than $200 or so on a Mobo and some ram. I'll recycle all of my parts, so I'll just need the motherboard and some ram. (my WD 320gb pata drive serves up 95mbps all day long with it being short stroked, so I'll reuse it for the time being.)

My 7600gs keeps burning molex connectors and having 384mb of ram SUCKS like you can't believe, even with using Ubuntu. haha

Any suggestions on Mobos? I've searched Newegg and PATA board are just hard to find, or don't have an internal psu connector either. They did have a gigabyte d510 board but its no longer available which is really making me unhappy.
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  2. Can I boot from the Addon cards as well? If so, those boards would work out really well and that would open up some options.
    Never thought of using an IDE controller card for that type of application. Also, it would have to work from an IDE Dvd-rom drive to install the OS as well (I could install from a 8gb flash drive).
  3. I believe so. It should be 'plug and play' transparent. (or plug and pray?)
    In any case after the OS install and driver updates you should be able to boot from your HDD.

    StarTach website info appears to support the BOOT option.
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