XFX 5770 BSOD in BC2

Ok, first things first. System specs

mobo: Intel DH55HC
CPU: Intel i3 540 (3.07GHz)
VID: XFX ATI HD5770 (drv rev 8.712.0.0 <10.3>)
M: 4 Gig OCZ DDR3 1333 (OCZ3P1333LV4GK) (paired)
Sound: SB X-Fi XtremeGamer (SB073A)
OS: Win 7 Pro (64 bit)
IE 8 & Opera 10.10 FF 3.6
Dx 11

In short, my system is bluescreening while playing Bad Company 2; more frequently in multiplayer and in single. it also will bluescreen in Crysis, but not nearly as much as BC2.

All drivers are up to date as is the Bios
Nothing is overclocked
all temps are nominal
I initially had a bad stick of RAM, but OCZ replaced them and they tested out as good. (incidentally, Memetest 86 and 86+ will not work on my machine)
I've reinstalled Windows 7 once.
The bluescreen errors are pretty random. I've gotten a paging error of some kind a couple of times.

I've ran Vantage, 3DMark06, Fur Mark, and Uningines "heaven" extensively without any crashes.
I haven't yet tired another vid card.

I'm a bit desparate. I've been researching this problem for about a month now with no real answers. I am hoping I can get some help here. Also, I wasn't quite sure where to post this as it may not be a vid card issue.

Oh, I found out that OC'ing your memory with the new i3,i5, and i7 is likely to damage your CPU. It causes a timing collision.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There's a 10.4 beta driver available, with BC2 fixes specifically, give it a shot.


    EDIT: I'm running 2 XFX 5770s CF with 10.3, with a P45 motherboard, and a Q9550, I haven't had your issue with BC2
  2. Same thing with the 10.4
    Again, did a driver sweep before installing.

  3. Biffski said:
    Same thing with the 10.4
    Again, did a driver sweep before installing.


    That is a strange one, I feel your frustration.

    I would GUESS either memory or PSU.... I know it's a pain, but have you tried a different power supply? I'm just thinkin' out loud so to speak....did you double check that your motherboard has auto set the correct RAM voltage?
  4. Mem voltage is kinda weird. It's rated for 1.65 but the mobo defaults it at 1.5. I have it running at 1.6 The Intel "i" series is real finicky about mem voltage. This power supply is the largest I have. I wouldn't want to try a smaller. I hvae thought about running the vid card on it's own 500w supply and let the main 700 handle the rest.
  5. 700 watts is plenty, I'm runnin' 2 XFX 5770 with a BFG 650 watt PSU. I really am hesitant to give you any advice with the i3/i5/i7, since I have no experience with them.

    You obviously know what you are doing, I understand the frustration of a real "head scratcher."

    Someday I will upgraded, but for now the 775 quad core is plenty for me.

    Maybe someone with more experience can give you some advice. I was really hoping that the beta driver was going to solve your problem.
  6. Oh. One thing I WILL add. The new 10.4 Does in fact make the level loading go Much MUCH faster in BC2. Nearly instantly. so they are doing what they're supposed to do.

    LOL Strawn, thanks for the vote of confidence. If I DID know what I was doing, I'd have this licked already. :lol:
  7. You should set your mem to 1.65, that .05, might be your problem. My gigabyte board defaults to 1.5v as well, I also use ocz ddr3 , 1600 ram. I can barely get to the voltage adjust screen because of memory instability at 1.5. The bios loads very strangely until I can 'right' the voltage setting. And / Or you could raise your memory latencies to 8-8-8-28 , to try something. If it fixes your problem, then you can fine tune your settings for more performance from there.
  8. 1.5, 1.6, 1.65 makes no difference. all the same result. Intel, on their forums recommend using 1.5 as 1.65 can damage the CPU.
  9. I have never owned an Intel motherboard. They have a reputation of being finicky about RAM. I thought knotty had a good suggestion, but, again I have no experience with Intel boards.

  10. Biffski said:
    1.5, 1.6, 1.65 makes no difference. all the same result. Intel, on their forums recommend using 1.5 as 1.65 can damage the CPU.

    It definitely matters, and if you don't want to raise your voltage to what the Ram manufacturer recommends for that model/brand. You need to buy 1.5 volt ram. They also make 1.8 and 1.9V ddr3 , that would never work with the Intel boards. But the ram you have calls for 1.65 to operate. Simple as.
    edit: Its a experiment to maybe fix this problem. The voltage of ddr3 is a known issue with everyone thats adopted i7's and now 1156 I5's. The ram out there is mostly rated at a spec higher than the Intel rates its integrated MC for . But almost everyone is RUNNING their 1.65 voltage ddr at 1.65 because thats whats needed for stability. There is more ram out there now rated at 1.5. But you won't sizzle anything going to 1.65 and if that does not fix anything, go back.
  11. And I talked to an Intel rep on their board and they said 1.5.

    I'm getting crashes at all voltage levels so it's kinda moot.

    Most crashes (as i just found a way to view my dump files) are dx related (but not all). So digging further it seems that my sound card may be the culprit. I don't have the time right now, but I'll yank it clean out the drivers and try the on-board.
  12. OK, BAck.

    It's not my sound card. Pulled it, completely cleaned out the drivers for it.
    running on main boards sound (which sounds great btw!)

    It's consistently crashing with a Dxgmms1.sys error.

    bleh. No answers on the web. MS is pointing at hardware, but I've found nothing so far that confirms that. I guess I swap out the vid card for a Nvidia 8600GT. Doubt that will help.
  13. Sorry for the necro-post.

    Just fyi, it wasn't the vid card. (Thankfully) It has something to do with the Game and the fact that I have a 64 bit system. I'm getting NO help from either Intel (Processor and mobo) and OCZ refused to answer a simple question because I wouldn't over clock the memory. :heink: But as I stated earlier, trying the "correct" voltage made no difference anyways.

    So I'm stuck still with crashing every time I play. when the system reboots, it's fine. I can play all day and no trouble. As long as Dont' Shut Down. ... thus clearing the cache. sounds like a memory leak to me.

    anyways. Thanks again all for your input earlier. This is about the most help I've had anywhere. :)
  14. Attention!!

    I waqs suffering from BSOD after installing my new 5770 Vapor-X in my windows 7 64bit pc. As soon as I would increase my resolution to the max res of 1920 x 1024 my lcd would start to flicker, then turn black and eventually blue screen and crash my pc. This would happen between 1-5 minutes of making the change.
    Nothing had fixed it including disabling HDMI audio, drivers, earlier editions of CCC including 10.2.

    But WAIT!! There might be a solution...

    Yesterday I installed the newly released Windows 7 sp1 beta and for the last 24 hours my pc has ran flawlessly at max resolution. This may not work for everybody but it appears to have resolved my problem.
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