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Use Win TV card as capture card

Hey, I have a wintv-hvr 1800, and I want to know how to use it as a capture card to make videos, but when I attach devices to the rca a/v ins, I can't find any options to view or record video off the card.. any help would be great.
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  1. Can you at all see anything on your computer screen? You'll need to figure out how to set your input to RCA. I THINK Windows Movie maker can do this.

    Once you've done that you can just record directly form wmm, and edit with a better program (trust me noone likes it when people edit with garbage like that) or if using something else to display it on your screen, you could use camstudio. I dont have to explain how to set up the audio, if you cant figure that out you shouldn't be trying to do this.

    Hope that all helps!
  2. Hey, I have movie maker installed, but I cannot find the options to allow importing video from my card... there's a capture video tab, but it just lists import video, pictures, and audio. :/
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    Thats odd. I think it may only be possible on Visita & Windows 7...

    I'd be able to do it if I could some how use your computer, I'm good at problem solving like that, But I can't explain anything to you, if I have nothing to work with.

    Use google to find something.
  4. I'm on win 7.. and thanks.. my use for it has expired... my friend wanted to make a montage, but he just got his own
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