Broken Computer NEED HELP!!

A little while ago during a fight between me and my brother my computer monitor happened to get thrown through the wall while it was attached to my tower. Obviously my computer no longer works, but I bought a quad core processor no more than 2 weeks prior to the incident along with several other new parts. I was wondering how I can tell which pieces I can salvage and which ones are no good. Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank all who are willing to help me.
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  1. Why would the computer obviously not work anymore? Did the monitor cable drag the comp along with it?

    Anyway strip everything off but mobo-proc-mem and video, and see if you get a boot.
  2. No, not obviously... Monitor gets thrown through wall, now the computer doesn't do what? Standard Checklist... Kill brother, fix wall, buy new monitor...

    I haz beer...
  3. computer boots, then reboots and seems to be running fine, but there is no video.
  4. You may have damaged the video cable along with the monitor... I'd suggest you go further than fastx21 and pull everything out of the case and assemble it on an anti-static pad, or a piece of unpainted plywood, motherboard, memory, power supply, video card, new monitor, keyboard, and mouse...
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