Zotac GTX280 AMP not working on AsRock M3A78GXH/128M

Hi, I recently assembled my rig.. my system's configuration is:
AMD Phenom II X2 550BE
AsRock M3A785GXH/128M
Cooler Master 550 Real Power Pro Power supply
Zotac GTX280 Amp Edition Graphics card
2GB Kingston DDR3 RAM

The problem is that my graphics card doesn't display anything when its plugged in! The display comes from the default onboard unit. The card gets powered ON (Green light), Fan also starts but there is no display from it.
But when I put my friend's ATI card or his Nvidia 9600GT it runs flawlessly!
I enquired abt the prob in AsRock User forum and also sent email to AsRock tech team (which they haven't replied). From the forum I found out that the problem is with BIOS (some system compatibility issues) and ASROCK might provide me with a custom BIOS, which I doubt.. So is there any way I can run my GTX280 on this motherboard..? btw, GTX280 is fine since it works on my other rig with same power supply having ASUS board..
Please help?
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  1. The GPU should go on the green slot and I think you should take out the switch card (bridge) unless you run two GPU's.
  2. The GPU is in the green slot, and the switch card doesn't need to be removed, it only needs to be reversed when using SLI or Xfire..
  3. **BUMP**
    I'm in serious trouble.. running computer without graphics card. please help!
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