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I currently have a dell xps 435T/9000 desktop (yes shame on me). I'm trying to upgrade my motherboard and psu but I need help identifying my motherboard form factor. I'm using an I7 920 processor which is socket 1366 LGA. Does anybody know what mobo form factors will fit inside the dell case? I'm also going to upgrade the PSU as well because I know dell uses a non standard connector for the psu.
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    More than likely it's a mATX MOBO, but to check you can measure it as follows:

    MOBO Type = length X width
    Standard ATX = 12 in (305 mm)X 9.6 in (244 mm)
    microATX = 9.6 in (244 mm) X 9.6 in (244 mm)
    Mini ATX = 11.2 in (284 mm) X 8.2 in (208 mm)

    FlexATX = 9 in (229 mm) X 7.5 in (191 mm)
    EATX (extended ATX) = 12 in (305 mm) X 13 in (330 mm)
    EEATX (enhanced extended ATX) = 13.68 in (347 mm) X 13 in (330 mm)
    WTX (workstation ATX) = 14 in (356 mm) X 16.75 in (425 mm

    My general experience is Dell is very difficult to upgrade as you've described. In most instances the I/O Shield is welded to the case, and the overall case layout is not conducive to standardized MOBO, and PSU.
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  3. Refer to Dell's Service Manual for the Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000:

    it shows you how to remove/replace the various components.
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