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PSU Overheating/Fan speed.


I recently changed my PSU fan and since then it started to overheat every time i play a game for more than an hour!
Was the new fan of a lower RPM? Should i buy a 2000RPM Fan?

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  1. What PSU do you have? The fan shouldnt need to be running full speed ever on a decent unit, im not sure if the fan on my EA500 ever turns on, i never hear it.

    The RPM of the fan is important, but the design of the fan has a much larger effect. For a PSU since its such a small enclosed space you would need a fairly high CFM fan to maintain the pressure and force the air around the heatsinks.
  2. What was the RPM / CFM rating of the original fan?
    What is the RPM / CFM rating of the fan you're using now?
    CFM = Cubic feet per minute of air moved by the fan. Also can be rated as cubic meters an hour m³/h
  3. The CFM isnt exactly the best way to measure it, as 90% of companies over exaggerate by about 2:1 on the fans. Also, what size fan was it before, what PSU do you have, and what fan did you have before? You might want to buy a higher pressure fan, like made for dense heatsinks. This:

    might make for a good PSU fan, although i wouldnt know.
  4. Hi,

    thanks for your replies.

    My PSU is

    I dont know the model number or anything about my new fan, but it is a cooler master fan and it cost me 250rs (5 USD)

    The fan of my original PSU was replaced by this 5$ fan. Please tell me if it is ok, if not, then which is the proper fan that was supposed to replace original fan.

    thanks all!
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    Your original fan was a Global Fan S1202512H: Global Fan website & fan specs

    Try and match the performance of the original fan specifications. If you can find the model # of the new CM fan we can tell you something about it.
    click the picture to find the reference website
  6. wow that fan is pretty loud. terrible dB: CFM ratio.
  7. thanks for your replies guys! thanks a lot!
  8. the first cooler master linked should be fine. :)
  9. Thank you ares for your reply! :)
  10. your welcome! :)
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