How do i fix a loose molex pin?

I hate having to plug in those molex connectors to power fans and things. One of them has one pin loose (it actually came out from pushing and shoving). So my 120mm fan only rotates 500 times per minute lol if not nothing. I know i need to get that pin in there but it hurts my fingers doing it and it gets frustrating. Is there a way to do it or could i use super glue?
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  1. Hello blink180heights;

    Super glue can work - you just need to make sure you're getting a good metal to metal or metal to wire contact.
    Too much glue, or in the wrong place, could act as an electrical insulator.
  2. You could also get a molex splitter or daisy chain the fan off another molex header.
  3. Google shopping results for molex splitter
  4. Thanks, i just got that one pin inside somewhat more than it was already (with a hair pin) but it really isn't moving my fan at all. i guess i am just gonna have to add 1 more fan to my shopping cart because i am buying 2 already. Anyway thanks again dude.
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    Get the pin out and with the hair pin bend out the two little barbs to look like this:
  6. i will try thanks
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