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My question is this: Even with the cloud Computing, it will still produce normal computers and high performance? Although we can use computers as we know it? (DESKTOPS / NOTEBOOKS) or parts storage and processing site (Hds, VGAs, etc ...)? Or the cloud will stop everything and make only terminals cloud? If yes, how much longer we will have to use desktops / notebooks? * because my doubt is, that in about 10-15 years, although there will be desktop as we know it today and notebboks for commerce/Manufacturing ... Let me explain, I'm an enthusiast / Case-moderm. Love to ride my own machines, I love to modify each piece to get to my taste (visual) and I'm having doubts about this cloud replace PCs ..
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  1. Cloud computing/storage is a very controversial topic! Many pros and many cons! Would users trust their sensitive data to some external storage beyond their control?
  2. this is my fear
  3. Your evaluation is correct!
  4. So what do you think?
    Do you think the cloud will replace the desktop as we know it?

    BTW: Sorry for my bad english.
  5. gamer987 said:
    So what do you think?
    Do you think the cloud will replace the desktop as we know it?

    BTW: Sorry for my bad english.

    For corporations maybe, but not for home users.

    Home users will continue to use desktops/laptops/tablets in the near future (5 to 10 years).
  6. The latest version of Windows has brought options to access files over internet, and so the cloud computing has finally become very popular among users.
    Windows cloud
  7. I am not comfortable with my sensitive data being stored somewhere in cyber space and managed by people who caused the 'Y2K' problems.

    So in my case, NO.
  8. Nowadays everyone should come into the cloud. So must need to consider the security than the storage. Check this one of Ramco erp on cloud
  9. My thoughts, people who like to be in more control of thier own data will use personal cloud storage. You can buy 3tb HD that connects to your network so you can access everything on it from your TV, computer, phone, laptop, work... you name it.
    Don't rely on a company to cloud your info. Do it yourself.

    I am currently working on a set-up so i can have all my music and movies accessable on every device in the house and on my phone which connects to my car via bluetooth.

    But to answer the question i think everyone will be doing some sort of cloud storage, people not worried about thier security will use cloud companies. People who are a little more protective will just set up thier own devices.
  10. You can even buy more than 3TB od space. her eat dincloud that is why teh storage and data center is scalable. Even if you are running out of space you can manage that. It happnes sometimes there is workload and the data get out of bound and get par more than your expeted level. Obviously you're not a computer. An err is human. So what to do now??? So seek for such private cloud service which offers you complete service, mobility and scalibility within the cost reduction scenario. That's what makes dinCloud an exemplary private cloud service as a top notch hosted virtual desktop service. Check out:
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