These 920 D0 idle temps seem high.

Well...I'm oc'd to 3.36 and running a dark knight heatsink on my 920 in a Storm sniper case with 2 120 side fans, a top 200 and front 200 fan and rear 140 I think.

My temps idle are 44-46 on all 4 cores.

Does this sound right or do you think I should re apply the thermal paste as I may have it too thick?
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    those sound around normal, maybe a tad high. the normal range idle is about 35-40 C in a well ventilated case that ive seen (and with a half decent cooler) so those might be a bit high, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  2. 42-45 is a good idle range on stock i7 920s I think. Going 44-46 on 3.36Ghz OC seems to be a good result.

    How about some stress testing and temp measurements to see what you're getting. That will give us the best look at how your HSF installation went.
  3. yeah, with a 700 MHz OC, those are quite normal temperatures. But run Prime to see for sure. BTW, how do you like the Storm Sniper? :lol:
  4. Anything around 70-72C under a heavy Prime95 workload should be OK.
    Maybe even a bit higher if you're testing in a warm room. Ambient temps affect cooling performance.
    Anything over 75C we should probably talk about some more before continuing testing.
  5. technically, you CAN go up to 100 C, however it depends what you are measuring, and i certainly dont recommend it! :lol:
  6. 100 C is safe as long as it isnt the interior core.
  7. Good to know...I ran Prime95 for about an hour and my load temp was as some of you mentioned around 70-72 so it looks like I'm good.

    And I love the sniper case...easy to work with, large enough to handle big cards, great ventilation and good cable management layout. Not to mention the nice carrying handle they built into the top of the case...sure makes for easy portability.
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