Computer won't turn on!

Ok, first of all, I've read that sticky.

I have no idea why it won't turn on! When I pushed the power button, I heard a really silent buzz sound (no fans were moving or anything), I immediately took the cord out of the wall.

Things I did: Tried each stick of ram in each slot, and read the troubleshooting guide. Made sure no short circuits.. etc

Picture of messy build?:

I have no idea what to do guys!
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  1. ^ Are the stand-offs in place ?? Did you try breadboarding as in that troubleshooting guide ??
  2. Solved!

    I removed everything and troubleshooted 1 by 1, turns out that I had a case fan plugged into the system fan slot (which is now empty) on my mobo

  3. ^ Good to hear its solved...
    Njoy your build... :)
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