How to combine two hard drives

I whant to know how to combine to hard drives in to one what i meen i have two one disk0 and disk1 and i want to make it in to one disk how do i do that?
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  1. You mean like Raid-0 configuration? I would recommend against it since it's quite unreliable.
  2. There is nothing unreliable about raid.......Unless, you're using cheap software raid, or some cheap card. I wouldn't trust my data to any raid system that comes with a mother board. Also, as you may know, there are a few different versions of raid, depending on what yourneeds are. Is making sure your data is safe the most important thing? Or, are you looking for speed? I recommend you do your homework before trying to build a raid array. So, why are you wanting to do this? Once we know that, then we can give you the correct advice.
  3. please do not double post
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