What is the difference between notebook computers and netbook computers

Hello, my question is what is the difference between a notebook and netbook computer?
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  1. A notebook is a mobile computer with a full sized keyboard and a flip up monitor. It does not have space for built in optical or floppy disk drives but instead provides communication ports so that an external drive can be connected. This allows a notebook to be much thinner than a laptop.

    A netbook or mini PC is a mobile computer with a keyboard smaller than full size (some are less than half the size) and a flip up monitor. It also does not have space for built in storage drives but does provide ports for connecting an external drive.
  2. Notebooks/Laptops are more powerful and versatile than Netbooks.
    Netbooks are lower power, longer battery life (on average) and handle internet browsing (the 'net part of netbooks), email and other light duty computing tasks well. They can struggle when trying to do multi-tasking that notebooks/laptops handle with ease.
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    See here and here

    Basic differences:

    1- CPU: The netbooks comes with Atom or Neo CPU with one or two core max with low speed (2GHz max). while the notebooks comes with better CPUs.
    2- RAM: The netbooks don't support more that 2GB while the notebooks support more that 2GB.
    3- Screen size: The netbooks comes with small screen size for mobility while the screen of the notebook comes with 12 to 17 inch screen
    4- Weight: The netbooks aren't very weight (one or two pounds)
  4. Here is a review of a popular 11.6" Netbook:
    Asus Eee 1101HA. Costs about $350
  5. Notebooks aka laptops also DO have a built-in optical drive. Most are shipping with at least a DVD-RW drive. Netbooks lack optical drives.
  6. Netbooks a basically simple machines for simple task such as browsing web and checking mail, no CD/DvD drive and slow for any real task.

    Notebooks can act as a desktop replacement and general have everything you need, and can handle more then the average task.
  7. Netbooks are tiny (10.1 inch usually) and Notebooks are regular sized (15.6-18)

    Netbooks don't have cd drives because they're so small.
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