Need some advice (asrock mobo and bios)

hi need some advice last night my brother updated the bios on his motherboard , apparently he was told to do this so he could play a game , now he is'nt getting any signals sent too his monitor tried a different monitor and cables still nothing , are'nt getting any post beeps either
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  1. It sounds like he had an unsuccessful BIOS flash that can render the motherboard "dead".

    I would review the motherboard manual and see if it talks about switch CMOS jumper or something along those lines. Follow those steps and hopefully, it'll post again. Also, I would look at clearing your CMOS by unplugging the PSU, removing the battery for 10 minutes and reinstalling everything.
  2. ok cheers so switch the cmos jumper , should i unplug the battery as well? then remove everything and reinstall everything
  3. And by "reinstalling everything" tecmo means to put the battery back in and plug the cord back into the power supply. Then try to boot up again.

    If clearing the CMOS doesn't help, then the board is likely dead. It could have been a bad flash (rare, but they do happen), or maybe the wrong BIOS file was used.
  4. Dead can mean a bad BIOS flash or a bad PSU. If you have a PSU that pulled from one PC to your brothers then try it. Failure, 9/10 you'll need to send the MOBO to ASRock. ASRock doesn't have a BIOS Recovery procedure that I'm aware of that works short of replacing the BIOS chip.

    You can 'try' to make a bootable Floppy/USB then rename the BIOS ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM and try to boot, but my understanding ASRock quit allowing this to 'save on space.'

    @tecmo34 might have more experience on ASRock than I do.

    Worst case RMA/Repair ->

    "For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is a $35.00 service charge + shipping for each item. ASRock America will only provide warranty service to ASRock products purchased within North America.

    BIOS $15.00 + shipping
    ASRock CD $5.00 + shipping
    ASRock I/O Panel $5.00 + shipping"
  5. albop said:
    ok cheers so switch the cmos jumper , should i unplug the battery as well? then remove everything and reinstall everything

    Leave the battery in, the jumper method is not a discharging of power but rather an electical reset.

    "CLRCMOS1 allows you to clear the data in CMOS. The data in CMOS includes
    system setup information such as system password, date, time, and system
    setup parameters. To clear and reset the system parameters to default setup,
    please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the power supply.
    After waiting for 15 seconds, use a jumper cap to short pin2 and pin3 on CLRCMOS1
    for 5 seconds. However, please do not clear the CMOS right after you update the
    BIOS. If you need to clear the CMOS when you just finish updating the BIOS, you
    must boot up the system first, and then shut it down before you do the clear-
    CMOS action."
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