OCZ vertex 3 120GB vs Agility 4 128GB vs Crucial M4 128GB

Hey everyone,

My computer specs are:

Asus P5Q-E
OCZ 4x1 GB 800Mhz Ram
2 HDD 320GB each on Raid 0
Asus 5750 formula

So here is the dilemma:
I have 3 SSD that i have been looking at and have been searching all the web for benchmarking and stuff like that .

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB for 119.11€

OCZ Agility 4 128GB for 125.16€

Crucial M4 128GB for 118.19€

Witch one should i chose , alot say that agility line has alot of issues ,others say that the lates firmware update fixed the crash issue and for the vertex/m4 everyone says go with m4 cause its more stable etc.Speed wise they are all going to be the same because i am running with SATA II and i excect around 200MB/sec read spead.

I only care for performance in MMORPG's like for example lineage 2. Please answer with the reason on the SSD that u sujest.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I like the m4.
  2. I 2nd that. crucial M4. or Samsung 830 if the price is close. avoid OCZ. and really I'd avoid sandforce controllers because of all their problems
  3. Samsung 830 is at 130.01€ so the price is around the same give or take 10 euros. U think i should go with samsung?
  4. I would totally go for the M4.
  5. and I'd go 830 for that price LOL. Samsung and crucial have the same read rate but Samsung has double the write rate.
  6. M4, got a 128GB myself... sold a ton at my shop and NEVER *knocks on wood* had any returns/complaints/rma's to speak of.
  7. Seriously? Most ssds are sandforce... most have few issues. I get tired of hearing all of the don't get sandforce Rhetoric - give me some solid facts - not just I heard they have issues - when, what controller, what firmware... iNTEL 520S even use sandforce!!!
  8. I'm running a sandforce controlled kingston hyper x with no issues.
  9. But of those three i prefer the M4.
  10. That is the whole idea around sandforce in every forums i have seen today .Everyone is looking at the feedbacks from people that only have issues with those ssd's ,noone is paying attention on the once that get those drives and have no issues at all (a friend of mine got Agility 3 60gb and 120gb and he is running both for the past 9 months without any issues and without the new firmware update).
  11. dish_moose said:
    Seriously? Most ssds are sandforce... most have few issues. I get tired of hearing all of the don't get sandforce Rhetoric - give me some solid facts - not just I heard they have issues - when, what controller, what firmware... iNTEL 520S even use sandforce!!!

    Intel went through a ton of hoops and FORCED sandforce to get working limited firmware for THEIR SSD. that's the only reason I will recommend Intel sandforce SSDs. but the price kills them
  12. Sandforce issues were fixed for the most part last fall. I'd just steer clear from OCZ because they are garbage and a worthless company to deal with if you ever need help.
  13. What do u guys think between Samsung 830 and Crucial M4, i think samsung all the way because is kinda the same ssd except the diff in write speeds and the huge difference on IOPS.
  14. They are both decent SSD drives,either one would serve you well.
  15. Ok i will be going with samsung 830 i just found the drive for 125€ so going for it , thanks for your opinion everyone.
  16. We are glad to help keep us posted!
  17. If you haven't already bought your SSD go to Newegg today, Sept 5, to their Shell Shocker deals. Their 10 am PST to 12:59 pm PST deal is an Agility 3 for $60 after rebate. I doubt you'll get a better price in the next month or so.

    Right now I'm doing my research so I'm ready for Black Friday.

    I've got a SATA 2 system that I'm going to add a SSD to and I don't plan to upgrade to SATA 3 in the near future. Maybe I'll get a PCI SSD adapter in the future for that system but I doubt that I will need the performance boost. I'm buying the SSD so I can move some hard drives to other systems I have and get a fast boot on that one. My biggest concern is if the drive will install without too much trouble.

    As for problems with drives, don't worry about them. The companies are shooting for 98% plus success and reliability. They don't want to sell products that users have problems with any more than you want to buy one with a problem. If there is a problem they don't make money. It is unlikely you'll see people talking about how easy the install went since they will be busy using their sysems. Remember the only people that call customer service and tech support are the ones with problems. The US Postal Service has over a 98% success rate for delivery on-time to the right address. But they deliver BILLIONS of pieces of mail each year so that 2% failure means millions of people have a problem with their mail. Focus on whether the price is right and if it will work for you. If it does and you're happy, who cares what the benchmarks are?

    So if you are going to buy now, buy today. If you can wait pick a price point and wait for the drive of your choice to hit that.

    Of course I jut figured out I'm on Tom's UK so the Newegg thing doesn't apply. Now that I think about it the UK doesn't use the Euro so maybe I'm on some other part of Tom's. Of course as I write this I see that I'm not logged in yet. :pt1cable:

    Bottom line, pick a price point then buy the best drive you can at that price. You probably won't have the drive long enough to wear it out.
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