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I am looking for a 120GB or so SSD. I currently have a 320GB 7200RPM, SATA III HDD. My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V LX with 2xSATA III and 4xSATA II. I would like to use it as a boot drive for Windows 7 and some of my programs. Could someone please reccomend a good quality SSD in the range of $110-$140.

One more thing...
How could I move just the OS and my programs over to the SSD.

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  1. The two Area51reopened ^ suggested are good.

    I also like INtel. The 330 series.

    There are technical synthetic benchmark differences among all three, but in actual usage, you can't tell the difference; the are all good.

    Intel will offer a free downloaded cloning program for their ssd's(Intel SSD migration tool). It is a modified acronis true image clone program that will move an image from your current hard drive to the ssd.
    It is not clear to me if or how it will work if your hard drive holds more than the ssd can handle. With reserved space, a 128gb ssd will actually hold about 110gb.

    Otherwise, use windows easy transfer to export your settings and files tsomewhere.
    Install windows on to the ssd, and then import the files and settings. Your apps will have to be reinstalled.
    If your SATA mode is not already AHCI, then this might be a better thing to do than cloning.
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