Upgrading my 720 XPS H2C

I want to upgrade my 720 XPS H2C

It's currently running

680i proprietary chipset and PSU along with a QX6800 quad core processor

I wanted to upgrade the Mobo and CPU and I am aiming at the
P6X58D Premium from Asus and a 930 i7.

I think the PSU is proprietary as well and I'll need to swap that out for another.

With above stated my questions are
1/ has anyone actually swapped the mobo out of an XPS 720 H2C and put in another Mobo, any complications?

2/ Will the Asus board run the 8800 GTX's ok?

3/ I'd prefer to keep the case, cooling system, cd drives, etc. as I don't see the need for a swap out

4/ any other advice?

I figure the whole build will run me about 1k US

300 CPU
300 Mobo
200-300 RAM
100-150 for new PSU.

Any comments, advice, or cautionary tales would be much appreciated.
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  1. prolly do not need to replc PSU.

    any mobo that will support 8x8 SLI is appropriate for your GPUs

    get a hold of ANY old ATX board ... Even a bad or broken ATX mobo will let you see if all the holes and rear ports line up properly.

    Ask any pc repair shop for any old/fried ATX mobo Just to test the fit.
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