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Hi, I built my gaming PC about two years ago, it's been working really well ever since, but one thing that's always bothered me is the cable management inside the case. I see pic's of people's gaming rigs online and the insides almost always look real clean cut without almost any exposed cables. My pc on the other hand looks like a mess of wires all tied together. What are these people doing with all the wires?

Here's a pic of my machine:

As you can see, I have most of the wires bundled together using velcro cable ties (I chose velcro because their reusable and adjustable), with the exception of the yellow SATA cord near the bottom and the Front Panel cables at the very bottom. I suppose shrink wrap would help with some of the cables, but I have a lot of loose ends that are just tied together.

Any advice would really be appreciated. I'm not looking to "pimp" the inside of my pc out or anything, I just want to keep it organized and promote good airflow throughout the case.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. What case do you have? Some cases are more capable than others. Check around the motherboard tray for slots, they should go behind the tray to the back of the case, and you route them there and hide them. If it isnt like that, usually the best you can do is tie them all together and hide them in a spare drive bay or 2.
  2. Here's a link to my pc case on newegg:

    There is space behind the motherboard tray and behind the drive bays... Doubt I could fit much back there though...
  3. now thats just plain ironic :lol: and yeah, your case doesnt really have any cable management in mind. here, look at this:

    see how theres little cutouts around the motherboard? you slip wires thru those, and keep everything behind the motherboard. without that, the best you can do is route them along the sides with some cable ties, and then tie them all up in a spare drive bay.
  4. Ahh... wish I had known about this when I bought the case. Well, thank you for your help anyways. I'll have to keep that in mind in the future.
  5. yeah, btw the case i just linked only costs 89.99$ for the special version, and 69.99$ for the not as special version :kaola:
  6. Tuck some wires in the 5.25 bays, get shorter SATA cables and try bending the wires around the board.
  7. Route the cables on the closed side of the case, next to the HDD cage. Store any unused psu cables there.

    Put the dvd high in the case to be out of the way.

    Put the hard drive near the bottom.

    Don't necessarily bunch up the cables; try to lay them along the sides and bottom of the case.

    If all else fails, spray paint the window black :)
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