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I've been trying to upgrade my computer to its best configuration within the limits of my budget, and I recently decided to buy some cheap IDE DVD ROM drives. I made the purchase before I realized that DVD ROMs can only read DVDs and can't burn them.

Ever since I've installed them, though, my computer has been acting really weird and not starting up correctly. I've done all the stuff I can think of to fix this including CHKDSK, a Reformat, Safe Mode, Last known good configuration, etc. and I just now thought that perhaps my jumper settings are to blame. I'm coming to this conclusion based on the fact that my computer will stall on the motherboard screen, but if I eject the tray on one of the IDE drives, startup begins.

I have three SATA hard drives and one SATA DVD burner connected in my four SATA ports, and I'm using the other two DVD ROMs through my one IDE port. Since my primary DVD drive is my SATA one, should I set both DVD drives to Slave, or do I set one as master and the other as slave, or are both Master?

Also, one of the drives is coming up as a removable disc, but not a DVD disc drive. Any suggestions for this?

If necessary, I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.
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    if both of the IDE drives are on the same cable, then one should be master, the other slave. if they are both on their own cables then they should both be set to master. it has nothing to do with SATA.
  2. They're both on the same cable. Thanks for the quick response. I'll shut down and take a look.

    ETA: It worked. One was on Master, and the other was on the third jumper setting (Marked as CS). My computer started up nice and speedy this time.

    Thank you so much, nhasian!
  3. CS is cable select and that setting is also fine because you had the first one on master.
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