Testing memory

This system:
Win7 Ultimate 64-bit, Asus M4A79XTD EVO w/updated BIOS, AMD Phenom X3 435, 4Gig G Skill DDR3 PC12800, Radeon 4830 512Meg, Catalyst Control Center newest, Samsung HD502 HD
Memory is set up per factory specs: CL8-8-8-24, 1.65v, 1600mHz
No O.C. on anything.

Can't run Left for Dead - crashes hard after about two or three minutes - no dump file.
Can't run Civ5 - locks up and OS needs to manually restart. No dump file. This tells me it is something else than a program or service that is crashing the ap. Right??

Other aps run fine. Like Firefox, which I'm running right now.

Win7 memory test reports I have a memory problem, but provides no report.
So I downloaded Memtest86. I have no idea how to read any of the results.
I also ran Prime95. It ran for 7 seconds and reported 2046 errors. Sounds like one of my modules is NFG, right?

I can build a PC and do a respectable job of troubleshooting but these two test aps are in the realm of ultimate geek. Is there any test ap for less skilled people that will identify which module is bad? Or should I just pitch a fit with GSkill and RMA both of them?

Any relevant advice is much appreciated.
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  1. test one memory stick at a time to see which is bad.
  2. Memtest will spit out errors at the bottom of the screen. If there are errors, then RMA the memory. It's best to test one stick of ram at a time.

    Does the computer only lock up when gaming? If so, it could also be a heat issue. You can try monitoring your CPU and GPU temps while gaming. You can also try gaming with the side cover off and see if it runs for a longer period of time.
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