Opinions wanted! Gaming Computer Build, with a budget!

After a lot of research and forum reading I've put together this build, now I want your opinions to improve it! :D

If you want to know why I chose a part just ask and I'll explain my thoughts behind it ;)

Also, I would like to get your opinions on which one I should choose, Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz/PC12800 3x2Gb or Corsair XMS3 Twin3X DDR3 1600MHz/PC12800 3x2Gb
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  1. ^ That is a good build...As for the RAM, I dont think you would notice any difference in their working...both have same timings and speed that you would have noticed...

    As for the case, I like the CM HAF 932/ 922 better for the easier HDD access and they offer more space for longer cards...
    For the HDD, you get the Samusng F3 1TB for less, which currently is arguably the best 7200RPM drive out there...
  2. ok why an intel cpu? AMD just as good and cheaper! but all looks good to me
  3. It looks good and all, but what will the rig be used for? You could save money by changing parts that aren't really needed.

    Fill out the link in my sig for more adequate help! :D
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