HDD went MIA

turning old pc into a server yada yada lemme get to the problem

i have 2 HDD in it.
1x IDE 20gb - primary
1x 200gb SATA - secondary

xp and ubuntu on the IDE, SATA is for storage.

I put the sata drive in, booted to windows (on IDE), *note: at this point disk manager recognizes disks so did bios* There was already some partitions on it so i right click --> format (on sata) in disk management.
i come back later, it says problem with format, didn't give me an error code or nothing. essentially all it said was "format did not successfully finish" or something of the sort.

now pc wont recognize the sata HDD.

BIOS has sata adapter enabled, etc. disk manager wont recognize, bios wont recognize anymore
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  1. If resetting the bios doesn't fix it, the drive may be dead.
  2. The drive was just working before that. Is it possible that a failed format can kill as disk..?

    anyone aware of any linux distro that can test/fix/trouble shoot the drive? assuming it can even recognize..
  3. Stick the HDD in the freezer. ;)

    Take it back out and see if it runs, back up any important data and buy a new drive.
  4. You can always try it in another computer.
  5. First make sure that the drive is powering up and spinning..No clicking or other noise should be present. Update bios firmware if you can. In BIOS make sure you select the delay options and set to max time. Change the sata port if you can. If you have a similar sata drive swap out the electronics to test it out. Try connecting the sata drive externally if you have an adapter. Don't throw the drive away. Sometimes you plug it in a week or month down the line and it works..
  6. I appreciate the info. I will try that and get back.
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