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Can I use a SLI card in normal PCI 2.0 express mode with a MB that doesn't suppo

I'm not the greatest person with PCs, my mobo doesn't support SLI, but it has PCI Express 2.0 x16, will a SLI card still work on it, just not running in SLI mode?
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More about card normal express mode doesn suppo
  1. A video card with SLi support doesn't need to be running in pair with another one so the answer to your question would be that you can indeed run a single SLi ready video card in the appropriated slot.
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    SLI support is literal. Support. You can run it stand alone, but have the option to add additional cards via SLI. You're fine, compatibility-wise, and it will work 100% correctly (barring any other unforeseen issues).
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