Monitor/gfx card freezes/goes to standby

Just built a new computer (specs are below) and with the exception of this one problem, it runs great. The problem started with the monitors going into Stand By on their own (computer still running but monitors show blank screen and orange light). It is not the monitors themselves because this was never a problem on my previous computer. It's not the power, because I have a 650w supply, more than my previous computer. I seriously doubt it's a heat issue because the 3 fans in there run well and my old computer ran hotter than this, without any problems. The monitors would enter stand by when I would do the slightest task (it even hapened after boot up, and I tried opening control panel......boom, stand by). Sometimes I'd turn the computer on and before even loading windows the monitors went to stand by.

So I uninstalled my graphics driver, reinstalled the latest. So far, the monitors have not gone into stand by. So I tried an intense screensaver to make my card work hard. It ran for a few minutes and froze...monitors did not go into standby, the comp just froze. I assume that's a heat issue because I heard my fan kick up for the screensaver. Nevertheless, I don't know if the standby issue is resolved yet.

Monitor refresh rates are both at 60Hz, resolutions at 1280x1024, 32bit. Settings are fine with one primary and one secondary, desktop extended.

Appearantly alot of people have this issue, from what I read. It's not a setting in the power options because those are all set for NEVER. The driver is up to date, the monitors are fine, their chords are fine, don't think it's a power/heat issue either. The gfx card is not even a year old and ran fine in my old dell.

Any ideas?


Intel i3 2.93ghz Duo cpu
Intel DH55TC mobo
4gb DDR3 ram
1tb Hitachi 7200rpm HD
650w power supply
ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb DDR3
2x 17in LCD monitors
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  1. For the record, the standby issue is not resolved. I had MSFT word open on one monitor, Internet explorer on the other, and when an instant message window popped up, my monitors went into stand by. This is unacceptable considering the amount of work I need to get done.

    What is causing this????

  2. Update


    So far, I've updated my mobo's bios. No difference, problem still there.

    I increased fan speed of my GPU with Catalyst Control Center. Temp cooled down alot, but problem still there.

    I ran COD:WAW with CCC open on my 2nd monitor to watch the temp. Working 99% the GPU hit 79C and the monitors went to standby. However, right before they went to standby, it sounded as if the graphics card turned off. Fans were still spinning, hard drives on, but monitors on standby.

    This was never a problem in my 5yr old dell with lousy circulation.

    Doesn't anyone know what this means?
  3. don't know if this makes a difference, but on the new computer, when i power on, it gives a quick BEEP, about 4 or 5 seconds, and another quick BEEP. then it boots up fine. could this have somethin to do with it? i tried looking it up but couldn't find what 1 beep, plus 4-5 seconds silence, and a 2nd beep, mean. they're quick beeps.
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