Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio Optical out issues

Hi all,
i really hope you can help me out with this...

First my config:
Amd 64 x2 6000
RAM 4GB DDR2 800Mhz
Ati radeon 4850 512MB
Creative x-fi extreme audio
Logitech 5.1 speaker set (via analogue)
Onkio amp (via optical cable)

Windows server 2003 SP2
Creative drivers 1.04
K-Lite Codec pack 6.20 full

Out of the blue a couple of days ago I wasn't able to hear any sound from my pc, the only application that could actually make a sound was Media player classic, I tought it was a driver/software issue so I uninstalled my codecs, winamp and the audio drivers.

I reinstalled the new version of each one and now i got the following.

Analogue output: everything works fine with 5.1 both on MPC and winamp (and firefox, too), when i run the speaker test with the creative diagnosis tool or the creative panel the speakers actually sound when called.

Optical output: the creative speaker test works only on front right and left, the other speakers just mute. MPC works fine on stereo files (i suppose either the player or my amp have some feature that automatically adjust the speaker distribution if stereo) but doesn't work properly on 5.1 files (missing the central, woofer and surround speakers). Winamp works an all speakers (and once again i think that somehow it adjust the sound distribution, being it stereo). Firefox misses the central, surround and woofer speakers in video streaming sites (youtube, to name one).

My belief is that my audio card is somehow not sending out any surround output through the optical port, yet I have no idea how to make it work and I can really use some help on this.

Thanks a lot!!!
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  1. Hi dogman, thanks for your reply; I'm worried I might have myself not properly explained.
    I already benchmarked this configuration: it worked before on the same OS and it worked on windows xp x64. It is currently working with the logitech speaker set.

    I'm pretty much sure this must be some driver/software problem...any hints?
  2. Disconnect the amp. Remove the sound card & uninstall its drivers. Reinstall the onboard sound drivers (you will have them on the CD or get them through the manufacturer's website).
    Assuming your on-board audio supports 5.1, plug your speakers into that & test the configuration.
    This is just so to establish whether your speakers are working fine. Post back the results.
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