Nvidia gts 250 fps problems

Hi so i've had this card for a few months and no problems but lately I've been getting bad fps rates in WoW (around 15-20 while in highly populated areas and places with high graphics)

My computer is an Aspire am5641, i have a Asus Geforce gts 250 and a Intel core 2 duo e7300 processor at 2.66 GHZ and 4g of RAM at 800mhz DDR2. Also i'm using windows vista home premium 32 bit

I have read that WoW requires a better processor than a video card but asking around people have told me my processor should be fine

I've tried stress tests and lowering all graphics including resolution ingame but the fps stays extremely low. My card runs fairly low at temps of 50 degrees while gaming my CPU is normally around 41 degrees.

I have all upgraded chip set and video card drivers (nv197.45 video drivers)

I'm really confused on what my problem is whether its a video card, processor or something else causing these low fps on WoW alone. These problems have only started occurring in the last week but i haven't made any hardware changes besides adding another stick of RAM and i don't believe this is a RAM issue.
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  1. So this just happens on Wow right? Try posting on the wow forums too.
  2. Yes L4D2 and CoD runs fine max graphics.
  3. maybe its your internet connexion?
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