Can I run 2 dvd drives?

Hi, I just ordered a pioneer bd 205 bluray burner, I already have a lg dvd burner.Can I run both or should I remove the Lg burner. thank in advance for your answers. Gary
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  1. you can install both ok
  2. Remove the LG, Pioneer can read standard DVD media just fine.
  3. You can have both and doing so makes dvd copying (for personal use) a bit easier.
  4. Both will work together just fine.. And its better to run both as certain media which might be having problems on one drive can be tried in the other..
  5. use both so in case u get some scratchy dvd's then put them in ur old lg.. plus copying will be easier....
  6. Thank's for all your replys. I will run both burners. Where do I plug the new blu ray burner? I have a extra cable to hook it up,does it plug in next to the old LG burner? Thanks again
  7. The new Pioneer drive is a SATA drive. That will just plug directly into your motherboard SATA port.
  8. Thanks for all the help guy's. I went with both burners and they work great. :bounce:
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