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I am planning to buy some gaming PCs (or assemble). But I am getting confused with the Dual Core and Core 2 and Core 2 Quad technologies, further suffixed by E7400 or T8100 like numbers.

Now, I believe, that Process Clock speed, Motherboard, RAM and Graphics card and to some extent a SATA instead of IDE HDD are the most essential items I need to take care of. However, after going through various articles on comparison and all searches, still I have not been able to short list the items.

My basic plan is to go for Multiplayer gaming in Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed, Quake 3, POP, GTA 4 etc etc which do not require too much of the hardware and of course are not money hungry.

As a whole, as told to me ...

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.9 Ghz E****,
Intel or Asus G41 Mobo,
2 Gb RAM,
Geforce Nividia **** Graphics Card,
a good Cooling cabinet+SMPS (to help OC),

...should be good enough for most of the games of today and would not need any upgradation for the next 1 or max 2 years

Could anyone please suggest me an ideal configuration for the above said purpose, and since I am not concentrating on a single system, but a whole lot of 5 or 10 of these, I need to be really specific on the specs as to reduce the overall cost of the setup.

Thanks in advance for reading the post and helping me out with the dilemma.



PS: I am not sure about the E**** spec for the processor and card of Nividia
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  1. I'll be completely honest here. You really, really need to do some research before attempting to pick your own parts.

    The difference between the Core2 Duos and Quads is very, very simple. The Duos are dual core CPUs, the Quads are quad cores. What that means is that you essentially have two or four CPUs on one chip. After that, the numbers are simply the model number of the CPU, and are just a quick way to see what exact unit it is.

    The Core2 CPUs are a dead technology. Also, nVidia is in a hole right now against AMD. Add to that that 2 GB of RAM isn't that much any more.

    Finally, IDE HDDs are basically extinct. Many motherboards don't even include the port to use them anymore.

    We really can't do anything if you don't give us a budget to work with. It also helps to know what parts you might already have.
  2. MadAdmiral,

    No, what I was getting confused with was :

    1st Core2 Duos or Core 2 Quads for gaming ?
    2nd Out of all the Intel Core 2 processor families, (http://www.intel.com/products/processor_number/about/core.htm), which is best suited for not so high end gaming.
    3rd If its SATA then what motherboards support SATA in conjugation with the processor and mobo.
    4th If not nVidia then which ATI
    5th It is not that I am stuck to only 2 GBs but can increase that.

    As I understand, Core 2 Quads might not essentially be used for an exclusive gaming PC, as the Quads are quite rightedly suitable for Multi tasking purposes that I dont need.

    My budget would be $500 max (for 1 system), excluding the powerback up. And since it is a new setup I need everything from scratch.
  3. Quads are now much better for gaming than dual cores. Well, to be precise I think tri cores is the best for gaming, but having a forth core lets it focus on running your system while the other 3 play the games.

    Pretty much every motherboard is SATA these days (more likely to not have an IDE connector than a SATA one)

    AMD will be your best bet for such a budget build.
    ATI 5XXX series will be the best cards for your budget - probably a 5670 or some such if not gaming highend ($73.99)
  4. You could fill out the form in the link in my sig and we could get a build together for you.
  5. Here's the best you can get for a $500 gaming build. If you truely need everything (i.e. OS, monitor, keyboard/mouse included), it's just not possible.

    CPU: X3 440 $75
    Mobo/GPU: Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 and HD 5770 $220 after rebate
    RAM: Crucial 2x1 GB 1333 mhz CAS Latency 9 $58
    Case/HDD: Rosewill Blackbone and Seagate 7200.12 500 GB $70
    Optical/PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W and cheap SATA DVD burner $49 after rebate

    Total: $472
  6. Thanks MadAdmiral, asteldian for the great help.

    But, what if I want to include a 17" TFT also in the $500 budget by:

    Removing the DVD burner and replacing a 500 Gb HDD with a much lesser one....(I think to accommodate the TFT the HDD can be 40 Gb)

    can we go down a level in the config by reducing the CPU, Mobo and GPU please.

    But what chipset do you suggest for AMD. My person is giving me nVidia chipset for the AMD

  7. To be honest, the CPU is about as low as you can go. You won't get any significant savings by getting a smaller HDD (an 80 GB, the smallest you can get right now) will cost $45 with shipping. The board is also a really cheap one (it's $80 out of the combo) and if you go cheaper, you'll need to get a lower quality one.

    The GPU could be dropped down a bit, but I wouldn't go below the HD 4850 ($100) if the monitor is 1680x1050. That's not going to save you enough to get a new monitor.

    I'd highly suggest saving up for a little while, as this is literally the cheapest you can get a gaming PC for without drastic cuts to quality and upgrade potential.
  8. Thank you so much MadAdmiral for the help and I would certainly go the the config you have given.

    But please suggest me the choice between Samsung, ASUS or any other, on LCD monitor that should support the HD 4850 GPU. (1680x1050)

    And what should be the best suited chipset for the Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 Mobo

    I really am thankful to you as well the tomshardware.com for providing me a really great resolution. :love:
  9. I'm not great at picking monitors. I'd just get a cheap one from a quality brand.

    I'm not really sure what you're asking about the best suited chipset. The chipset is set on the board (it's 770). If you want to know if everything is compatibile, it is...
  10. Yeah but my dealer told me about the nVidia chipset to be used in AMD Mobo

    and what about the HD 4850 is it Sapphire, Gigabyte or HIS ? as mentioned at


    i.e. a 512Mb or 1 Gb
  11. It's not a nVidia chipset. That's when you have onboard graphics that use a nVidia GPU. They're absoltuely terrible...

    Get whatever brand is cheapest or in the best combo.
  12. Thanks MadAdmiral,

    I wud get back to you in case of more doubts or stuck up situations and meanwhile I would do some research about the market in India, New Delhi for gud dealers and discount options

  13. Hi MadAdmiral,

    I was checking the availability of the above parts in my city and meanwhile tumbled upon the AMD site which stated that the Athlon II X3- 440 processor's recommended Mobo would be GA-MA770T-UD3P.

    However, the Gigabyte site recommended otherwise.

    Check out this link for Gigabyte:


    Check out this link for AMD:


    Just curious..Is it due of the Revision factor of the processor or Mobo ?
  14. There isn't a "recommended" motherboard for specific CPUs. Every board that supports the CPU will work just fine, it's just a matter of what features you want and the differences in quality.
  15. rightly said..
  16. Hi MadAdmiral,

    I looked up the market stats at my place and found that Gigabyte doesn't cover my area for post sales services :pfff: (No problems with AMD though)

    Although the specs in GA 770TA UD3 are unmatchable (keeping in mind the future expansion and present features), could you please suggest me any ASUS board with matching specs, :( ..as a second choice, in case I do not take any chances regarding warranties etc; after the purchase.

    Some guys suggested me GA-785GMT-USB3 and GA-880GM-USB3 as an alternative (due to non-availability), but I checked and the AMD CPU X3 440 isn't compatible, let alone less features.

    PS: I have started loving this Gigabyte Mobo u know :love:
  17. ... and meanwhile I found a cheap "Dell E Series E1709W" LCD for $116, but the Max Res. is 1440 x 900. Will it suffice for most of the present games?

    Yeah the 4850's max res is 2560 x 1600, Oh yeah a High Res Card for a low res monitor?... (How Stupid of me?)
  18. I don't think 110$ is that cheap for a 17" monitor
    I can get a 24" one for 210$ :O
  19. Those two you listed are also Gigabyte boards. The "GA" gives it away.

    Some Asus equivalents would be the M4A88TD-M, M4A87TD/USB3 and M4A88TD-M/USB3.

    @vsdagama: It's not a bad price for a cheap monitor. I still wouldn't get one though. I'd really want to get a 1920x1080 monitor right now just to have something to grow into down the road.

    Do you absolutely need the monitor right now? If not, I'd suggest waiting to afford a better one.
  20. Yeah, it is a complete new setup comprising of 7 PCs including TFTs for each. I have to purchase everything along with a 16 port switch (a DLink one might be cheaper, I think). The LAN wiring and all I have already done myself ;)

    That is why I am too much concerned about the config. It is not a question for 1, but 7 of them.

    Well thanks for the Asus models given by you, I am going to go thru each one of them and would come back to you with more queries.
  21. Acer X213HBbd Black 21.5" 1920x1080
    may not be the best monitor, but its cheap for what it is
  22. Cool, Thanks mindless728 I have a look at it too.. :)
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