Is my CPU running too hot?

I just completed my first build, using an X2 555 and M4A79XTD EVO mb and stock heat sync. It is in an Antec 300 Illusion with 4 fans and a PowerColor 4850 1GB, 4GB HyperX RAM.

Under no load, the CPU temp is 78F (26C) and MB temp is 71C (22C).

When i play COD4, the CPU temp is 89F (not sure what it is celcius) right after I quit the game.

That is hotter than room temp. IS that too hot?

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  1. That's only around 32C.

    I'm pretty sure you're safe. Once you start hitting 60C+, then I'd worry.
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    those temps are fine...

    generally speaking, under full load (with no overclock) it's best to see your CPU with temps under 60 C (140 F)

    with a CPU temp of 84 F (~30C) you're fine.
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  4. Awesome. Thanks!
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