Yet another graphics card selection help request.

Okay so heres the deal. I have about 200-400$ to spend on a graphics card tho I'd really just like the best BANG for my Buck. My 9400gt's fan burnt out and is being RMA'd but I just wanna upgrade honestly and give my lil brother the new rma'd 9400gt when it gets back from evga... whenever that is. Any ways I love to game and it's my main purpose for the computer. Pretty much just something I've been piecing together for a while to try and get down on some MW2 and BFBC2. I never really cared for the extra awesome graphics cuz I was in it for the gameplay but I gotta say I came into some extra cash and would really like to see what the best possible card I can get would be.

I am ready to purchase right now with 200-400$ of spending money before Rebates.

I want the card for gaming. From HL1 natural Selection to COD MWF2 and everything in between.

Currently a 9400gt Rma'd and a 650w generic Powersupply from the pc shop down the street.

Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4 Rev. 2.0 LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Ultra Durable II Intel Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 1333MHz FSB
RAM:4gb 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) OCZ2RPR10662GK
HD: Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJB 160GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA100

I dont care about the website or the point of origin as long as I get what I'm looking for.

No preference. I want performance / longevity not some pissing contest BS.

No overclocking done by me other than slight cpu/ram tweaks. I never mess with GPUs.

If 2 SLI/CF are better than one card that this range then thats what Ill do. If not then I'll take the one.

I tend to game at 1680x1050 tho I turn it down if the card cant handle it. Otherwise desktop is 1920x1200.

I want a card that I can begin to Upgrade my entire PC with.

I plan to get SSD, 6-8 gb ddr3 ram, i7-930, great gaming mobo and want to eventually do SLI if I only get a single card now.

Thank you for your help hope this was enough detail.
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  1. HD5770 handles 1680 x 1050 well. HD5850 handles 1920 x 1200 well.
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    You don't need to spend that much to quadruple your gpu power from the gt9400. You mobo only has 1 pcie 16 slot, the other is a x4. If you want the best for that money you could spend, (prices are usa, newegg, aproximate) All DX11

    ATI HD 5850 300 dollars
    GTX 470 350
    ATI HD 5870 400

    posted in order of their 'power'
    A 5770 will also give you very good power (1680x) at 170.00, there is no Nvidia counterpart that supports DX 11 right now.
    At that price point.
  3. Thank you both for the replys and the help.


    I'm eventaully going to do SLI on a new board once I start replacing my pieces. I'm just starting with the GPU because it seems to be the most lacking area in my eyes anyways. Would it be wiser to just get the 5770 and once I replace everything get another and CF it or just spring for the 5870 and rock that single since? I really dont/cant go over 400$ for a card(s) anytime soon so I wanna do this right.
  4. You cant SLI ATI cards you can crossfire them. A HD5870 would be great in your computer if you can get some overclock on the CPU otherwise it is going to be bottlenecked.
  5. My bad meant CF. Just used to having Nvidia but okay sounds good. If I wanna say in the 300$ range would the 5850 bet the better buy or 2 5770 1gb CF'd. This isn't for this current board. I plan on upgrading very very soon so for now I'm gonna get 1 card but eventually if the 5770 CF is a better performance then I'll go that route. I'm just asking which would be the better buy a single 5850/5870 or CF 5770 1gb.
  6. The 5770 crossfire rivals 5870 in performance.
  7. Awesome so for like 60-80$ less I can get the 57701gb CF'd and Rival the 400$ 5870. I think I'll do that. Thank you very much. BTW I'm gonna Overclock the e6750 processor to 3.9Ghz 490mhz x 8 with 1.45v and do some tests. Thx again.
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  9. Super score. Visionteck 5770 1gb dx 11 opengl 3.1 on clearance at Best buy. 134$. thx again. I'm freaking amped now!
  10. If you're planning on getting a motherboard with more than one PCI express slot and upgrading to i7-930 etc., I'd recommend getting the best single card you can now with the expectation of crossfiring in the future (i.e. 5870).
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