CPU is too hot?

Hi, I've been noticing that my CPU has been really running hot lately, and I'm beginning to wonder whether there's a problem or not. I've never really kept close tabs of the temp in the past, but I believe it idled around 35C and hit 45C at the max. However, the past few weeks it's been idling around 50C, and after playing Crysis for about an hour today it hit 58C. Now, it may be coincidence that it has been really hot here in PA the past few weeks, 90F-105F outside, 80F inside with the AC and fans on. However, I'm not sure that the weather justifies such a huge jump in temp. U guys think this is nothing to worry about or do I have a problem?

Here's my specs:

AMD 3.1 GHz 6000+ CPU
stock heatsink and fan.
120mm fan in the rear and 80mm fan on the side both bring air in
fan behind PSU drawing air out

I appreciate any help! Thanks.
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  1. It should be fine, just check to see that the fan is working and there's not too much dust restricting ariflow or blocking the fans.
  2. yeah I found that strange too. I put my hand up to it, its definitely intake.
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