Corsair Series 3 120GB or Intel 330 120GB SSD?

Hi folks,

I have a laptop of Core I5 3rd gen 3210M and Intel HM75 Express chipset. I have 6Gb of ram in it and now I have to replace the HDD and slip-in a SSD (Only replace, no add). I have decided on 120GB as I have low space requirement. After some research i am thinking between these TWO:

1) Corsair Force series 3 - 120GB
2) Intel Series 330 - 120GB

Which one will be VFM as both priced as almost same in India (~$145). Also if any other 6Gbps SSD comes as better than these?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. between the two i ll go with intel for reliability. alsoi ll suggest samsung 830 and crucial m4 128gb. get the cheapest between these three.
  2. Intel
  3. Thnx guys.
  4. Intel Series 330 - 120GB
  5. Thnx...
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