New SSD on an older Mobo?

I have an old Asus P6TD Deluxe Mobo and I'm wanting to go SSD. I want to get a 500Gb that's fast n reliable. I've read the drives are reverse compatable as far as SATA goes, but I don't know if there are other issues which I should be aware of due to the model of Mobo. I've looked through some of the other posts and did not see a clear answer to my queston. Any help would be great Thanks
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    To help prevent compatibility issues update your motherboard BIOS to its latest version and make sure your SSD is on it latest firmware version.
  2. You should be OK. But, I did try to use my SSD with an *old* nVidia 650i chipset and it was a fail.
  3. depending if you have sata 3 or 6 connections on your mobo is a factor on the fastest ssd you should go with
  4. I'm wanting to go with a reasonably quick SSD as I intend to upgrade my Mobo in the future. I did see an SSD that mounted in a Pcie slot (that one has my interest). The main thing for me is that I get the most technology out of this drive as I can with the older Mobo so I don't have to buy another drive when I upgrade. Make sense?
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