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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Don't write all in caps is considered rough on Internet.
    2- The problem could be the RAM.
    3- Which're the spec of ur rig? If we don't know that specs we can't help u very well.
  2. Could be a PSU as well.
  3. Yeah the PSU too.

    P.D. Nice avatar Lmeow. Where are u from?
  4. Thanks saint, I made it myself using MS Paint, lol. I'm from New Zealand.
  5. Additionally, please do not double post"

    We need more details to narrow down what your problem could be.
  6. Lmeow said:
    I made it myself using MS Paint

    Do they still use that ?? :o
    Doing it old school.
    I like it :wahoo:

    To the OP: It could be anything from software to hardware. How about giving some more details...
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