2 HD5770 (CrossFire) VS 1 5870

Who will perform better?

My current system specifications

Intel Core Q6700
[2x] Kingston ValueRam PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL6 2GB
Sapphire HD 5770 Radeon
[2x] Seagate 500GB
Gigabyte EG41M-S2H
Samsung SATA 22X DVD Rewriter
Enermax 525W PSU
Dimensions :10.23"(260mm)(H) x 11.02"(280mm)(W) x 15.95"(405mm)(D)
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  1. They are about equal in performance.
  2. Since you already have a 5770 just get another one. Only another ~$160 instead of $400
  3. I agree. Crossfire the 5770 and enjoy your games. Later on if that isn't enough fire power, sell them and get something better.
  4. jryan388 said:
    Since you already have a 5770 just get another one. Only another ~$160 instead of $400

    This would be a good idea except his PSU probably wouldn't be good enough to crossfire them.
  5. Would 550 Watt PSU be sufficient?
  6. No, ATI recomends a minimum of a 600 watt PSU but I would get a 750 watt just to be safe.
  7. 1) The Gigabyte EG41M-S2H is not a crossfire motherboard, it only has (1) PCI-E x16 slot. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2945

    2) IF you had a Crossfire motherboard, I would buy a 2nd 5770 since you already have one.

    3) If that is an ENERMAX PRO 82+ 525W I would have NO concerns with the 600W power requirement it is a high-end and efficient unit. Even if it was one of the other models, it is probably perfectly fine. Enermax makes good stuff.
  8. Yes this mobo not support croxxfireX or SLI. Have only one PCIe16. SO YOU BETTER BYE ONE 5870
  9. 5870 and your PSU is fine for that.
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