EQ2 framerates kinda dissapointing : /

Hey i have recently been playing everquest 2 on my pc with an ati radeon 5870 XXX edition and on very high settings at 1680x 1050 i am getting frames that hover around 30-40 and sometimes go around 20 which is kind of angering me because i bought the card primarily because i get anal when i dont hover around 40-50 here are my specs

CPu: Phenom II @3.4
gpu: 5870
Ram: 4g ddr3 corsair xms3
hd: 7200 rpm 500g cadviar black
psu: x3 850w modular
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  1. i feel those are extremely low, I'm not really fimilar with everquest 2, but the first thing you could do is make sure your card is coming out of 2d mode, if you can run everquest in windowed mode run something like gpu-z and look at to see if it's coming up to the 850mhz core like it should
  2. Your card is good but remember, with eq2 its the cpu you want to watch. most off the graphics are processed by the cpu (shaders...)
  3. For eq2, overclock your cpu as high as you can. Eq2 devs expected the future to be a singlecore cpu in the 6-8gig range. It even does a lot of the graphics processing on the cpu. It's the most cpu dependent game in the world. Most eq2 players switched to warcraft long ago just for this reason I think.
  4. well I get the same thing with a 5850 I have a i3 530 OC to 4Ghz and atm still get low frame rates even at balanced in some zones quite frustrating really, decently overclocked cpu and decent gfx yet still *** lol
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