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sorry, if this belongs to PSU section as i really dont know where this one has to be categorized. I just had my last PSU dead. And i am looking for a new one. The Last one was of inferior quality i guess :P. Thank God all other parts are fine. Please Suggest me a good PSU for 9800GX2. I cant afford more then 120$...

E8400 C2D 3.0
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  1. Corsair 750TX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006 The 650watt would be enough but when you calculate in shipping the price difference is about $5 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139005
  2. A 450 watter would prolly do the trick as that card only pulls 160 watts ..... Check it here:


    But for the price, I find the 650 watters aare the sweet spoy for singkle GFX cards which would leave you plenty of room for upgrades.

    Antec EA-650 is $75. $80 shipped

    Antec EA-750 is $85 free shipping after $20 MIR

    Corsair TX650 is $86 after $10 MIR shipped

    Corsair TX750 is $90 after $10 MIR shipped

    All are comparable units, but given the pricing, i'd have to select the Antecs this week...saves $5 and no rebate hassle on the 650.
  3. ^ A GX2 is two underclocked 8800GTS 512s or 9800GTXs - it's a power hungry card and would use far more than 160 watts.
  4. My next psu upgrade is going to be one with a single 12v rail. reading more about why Fermi 'requires' this is interesting. In reviews of psu's with multiple rails, so many amps is available for the cpu and so many for your m/b and extra pci-e connectors etc. Having one rail ensures that either o/c component gpu/cpu will have enough power to tap.
    Just some ramblings.
    The corsairs mentioned have one rail.
  5. hmm any more?
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