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One week ago, I built a new desktop from all-new parts bought from newegg. Among them, I had the following graphics card:
SAPPHIRE 100283-2L HD5770 1G RT

I think I put it all together correctly, and it was certainly working flawlessly for about 5 days. I was using it last night, and I walked away for five minutes. When I came back, it had shut off. I tried turning it back on after turning off the power. The LED fans lit up for a split second and then nothing at all.

I opened my case, and tried the same thing again. This time there was a small white explosion, a loud crack, and a metal canister (which I have learned is a capacitor) came flying out!

After searching around a bit, I discovered it was a capacitor on my graphics card. Coiled paper was still attached, and was sprung out like a jack-in-the-box.

Basically I'm wondering if this was a flaw in the card, or if it was something wrong that I did in installation. I'm also wondering if it's possible that other parts could be at risk. I'm fairly novice at all this, although I have built computers twice before (so I could have missed something obvious to most people).

Here are some other important specs:
CPU: AMD|PH II X6 1055T 2.8 G
Case: Thermaltake VL18501W2Z BK, which comes with an 850W power supply
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  1. Well first off RMA that GPU.

    Whether or not anything else is affect3d you'd have to find out by plugging in a GPU known to work and testing.
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