Which cpu will be better??

hello every one,

between an amd athlon x2 240 2.8ghz oc to 3.4ghz and intel e7400 2.8 ghz which one will be having greater performance???
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  1. Before people go putting out which is better for performance, we need to know what you are doing, i can give you benchmarks, but without knowing what you do, i cant know which is better for YOU.

    To tell you the truth, im not finding anything on the two together. I've looked and the AMD is a better overclocker, and comes with a better heatsink... And im just looking at the E5200. Intel seems to be killing AMD right now, so you might want to consider that, but AMD puts out more for the money.

    I might be wrong, so if someone else has something more accurate to say, please go ahead and tell me im wrong :P. :lol:
  2. Just thought about this:

    If you are gaming or wanting do any type of editing, then we need to look at what video card you have. If you have an itegrated one then just go with price point, but if you have something like a ATI 4870 or the 5870 or something like that, then you would want to concentrate on the best performer. Which to tell you the truth is niether of the above.

    If you just want to open word in benchmark speeds, then more power to ya. But if all your doing is office stuff i wouldn't even worry a bit on which was more powerfull. I would like at pricepoint and go from there (The lower one).

    Here are some Newegg prices:

    AMD: 50$-Without Heatsink

    Intell: Newegg doesnt carry it anymore...

    Lol I hope im helping :P.
  3. Athlon 255 (simulating an OCd 240) v/s e7500.
    Performance at stock, just for reference.
  4. Good benchmark ksampanna! I was going to say they would be pretty evenly matched but the benchmarks speak for themselves. No need to spend $90+ dolllars for intek when a $58 (boxed editions) will perform about the same; spend the extra $$$ on something else.
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