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I would like to do a Full System Restore. I don't use the PC anymore and would like to give it to my dad. It's not a name brand PC, I bought it put together from an independent Computer Store with Windows XP installed. They where not willing to tell me what 'f' button to push to do the restore and of course said they can do it for me but would have to charge me for it since it has a ghost partition that they would have to access. Can someone help me?
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  1. Don't restore to factory settings, unless you plan on updating everything to Service Pack 3.

    Just click the start button and find system restore...click on it and roll it back to the date you want to use. Have you been updating the computer pretty regularly, like installing Service Pack 3? Keep in mind that if you use a restore point that's earlier than your updates, you'll have to reinstall the updates.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I wanted to delete everything and clean up the computer for my dad, hence the full system restore. I had an upgrade to Windows 7 that I installed and that took care of everything.
  3. That's cool, but just be sure that the old hardware is capable of running Win7 without any problems; alot of it isn't.
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