Core i7 Motherboard Compatibility ?

It's been three years since I built a computer. I'm looking at building a new Core i7 system and shopping for motherboards - but I can't find any CPU compatibility lists. Seems like all the listings just say "Supports Core i7 processors". Does this mean that any Core i7 processor will run in any LGA 1366 socket?
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  1. Just ensure that the core i7 you pick up is for the lga 1366 socket not the lga 1156 (e.g. i7 860 is socket 1156 not 1366).
  2. And any Core i7 will work in any LGA 1366 motherboard?

    No more CPU compatibility lists?
  3. ANY Core i7 900 based chip will work in most LGA 1366 motherboard, only in X58 chipset based motherboards however, not server based chipset based motherboards. The i7 970 and 980X may require a BIOS flash for older X58 motherboards.

    ANY Core i7 800 based chip will work in ANY LGA 1156 motherboard, in the P55, H55, H57 and Q57 motherboards. Not sure about the servers boards though, for dual processor boards I don't think it'll work.
  4. Wow, interesting! Thanks for the info fellas.
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