Best image quality for HD and DVD movies. ATI 5870 or NVIDIA GT/GTS?

Hi there. Which card is better for watching HD Blu Ray movies and DVD movies, ATI or NVIDIA? I know ATI uses AVIVO technology and NVIDIA uses PUREVIDEO. Just read a bad review about the AVIVO technology. I am configuring a DELL machine and my choices are the NVIDIA GTS 240 or ATI HD 5870. I will occasionally but mostly use it for HD movies and DVD watching. I would have to pay more for a video card (HD 5870) if it wasn't as good, picture and image quality wise, as the lower priced GST 240. I know the HD 5870 is a best for pc gaming but for video playback could it be that the GTS 240 would be better? Thank you very much for your help!
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  1. GTS240 is not better, it is all you need! Spending the money on a HD5870 and no gaming is a waste. Image quality between the two is very similar.
    I would actually recommend a HD5570 for video playback today.
  2. Yah...Hd 5570 would be perfect for your htpc..
  3. The both close, with nV having theoretically better DVD quality in some cases and the ATi's having better HD quality, but both have a it of work to do it seems;

    However if you're hooking it up to a surround sound system as well, then the HD5xxx series would be the only one to provide full HD audio.
  4. Agree here, a 5870 or even a GTS240 is a lot more card than you need for an HTPC.
    +1 for the 5570.
    As far as pure quality goes, that discussion has gone on for years without a clear winner. Both camps come forth with some very interesting ideas about what makes them better than the other, but I don't think there is a person alive who can tell which card was producing what picture in a side by side comparison from 10 feet away.
  5. From what I've seen, lately , the options on Dells are less now. Probably a cost saving move, as weird as it sounds those might be his only video card options. Though if you call, you can usually banter with the salesman and discover more options.
  6. For DVD and HD watching it is best to go with a lower priced video card, a ATI 55xx or 56xx is sufficient. If you purchase a 58xx or even a 57xx you will have added heat and thus need more cooling. This tends to result in a louder HTPC and I can vouch that a louder HTPC will interfere with your enjoyment.

    For NVidia the GTS240 would be as high as I go, aim lower when it comes the HTPCs unless you are going to be gaming.
  7. @deweycd: I have seen XPS 9000 (the DELL system I ordered) reviews at youtube and all users swear that their systems are very quiet indeed. Hope that's true. I am going crazy with how loud my actual case (ANTEC 900) is!

    By having a 58xx card the chances of interfering my HTPC experience will be more loud or other unwanted issues?
  8. The 5870 card is just a waste of your money if you are not gaming. It is the 3rd best gaming graphics card at the moment. It is most likely not going to be very loud based on your use but it will consume more power than more suited solutions and therefore more heat in the case.
    They cost about $400 on the retail market so the question is how much you are paying at DELL. (You could always sell it and downgrade to a HD5570)
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