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I am attempting to install an ECS Model L4VXA2 motherboard in a case I have had for a few years but the front panel wiring is not labeled the way the motherboard manual indicates and I need to know what the wire marked M/B SW is used for. I am hoping this is the power switch because the other wires are allocated to what I believe are the appropriate pins but I have not found a wire marked PWR_SW_P or PWR_SW_N as the manual calls for. I hope this makes sense . Thank you for your help.
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  1. If I understood correctly then the following. M/B SW = Motherboard Switch and should have (+/Red) & (-/Black) wires. To be 100% certain you need to look at both manuals; Case & MOBO to decipher labels.

    MOBO page 16 ->

    PWR_SW_P (+/Red) <=> M/B SW
    PWR_SW_N (-/Black) <=> M/B SW

  2. Thank you for the help. It is now connected but I cannot get the mb to recognize the hard drive.
  3. Is the HDD formatted? Is the HDD Jumper in Master? Have you tried both IDE 'ports' on the MOBO? Is the IDE HDD 'old'?
  4. Changed from ide 1 to 2 and it now recognizes the drive but will not allow me to install an operating system. For some reason it will not boot from the floppy, the cd or the dvd drive which are all recognized. I end up with a blank screen except for a blinking cursor. The drive was used and had an operating system installed.
  5. Then short of a Floppy, you'll need to create an Install OS CD/DVD.

    Assuming XP:
    Download XP SP3 ISO ->

    Download the 'missing'/required Driver ; my assumption is the SATA RAID F6 ; choose your correct MOBO ->

    Next use nLiteOS ->

    Read the nLiteOS FAQ & Guides.
  6. I live in a rural area with only dialup available. Large downloads take forever. Is there anyplace to purchase a disk containing SP3 and netframework that you are aware of. I am now searching for such a disk but no luck yet. I did dl nliteos.

    It seems I have done something else because I now have another problem because the cpu stops immediately after the "memory testing:" and goes no farther.
  7. Purchase XP SP3 ->
    original link {scroll close to bottom} ->

    Try the Clear CMOS procedure per you manual, failure remove all but 1 stick of RAM.

    Test RAM:
    Create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest use the ISO/zip {small file} -> run for at least 2 passes. If the RAM is defective send both sticks in and request a matching set replacement.
  8. The ram tests accurately to be present at 1.5g but the pc freezes after the test. I don't know if I made that clear should I do the above things if the memory tests ok?
  9. I did reset the cmos and now the message is "CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded Warning! CPU has been changed or cpu ratio fail. Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit! I did nothing to the cpu and don't understand what is being asked of me now or how to proceed.

    Again thank you for your help.
  10. What CPU do you have? Check it against the 'CPU' tab -

    Maybe, you made a mistake wiring, or there's a short with the MOBO and standoffs.

    In your case, I would pull the MOBO out and 'breadboard' it. That means to completely pull out the MOBO and place it on a piece of cardboard or similar non-conductive surface and only connect the minimum wires.

    I assume that you connected ALL power; 24-pin main power and the 4-pin CPU power next to the MOBO.

    Here's a good guide -> scroll down to Troubleshooting: about 2/3rds down.
  11. None of the suggestions worked that I was able to complete. Thank you but I installed another board which works fine. Your help was greatly appreciated. Consider this closed.
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