ATI Catalyst 10.3: For those using Mobility Radeons

Hi! I would like to ask feedback from users of this graphics driver. My Asus K52jr comes with Mobility Radeon HD 5470 and I want to try this. The graphic driver "update" provided by Asus, well, based from this topic, is either crappy or not really a "total update."

CAT 10.3 can be downloaded from here (for 32bit OS).

One of the new features is..

ATI Catalyst Mobility - monthly updates for the mobile crowd

And this really got me interested.
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  1. Get the driver from the ATI website and see if that works.
  2. ^You've installed the preview? And then you said "But 10.3 fixed all my issues for now finally."

    So you have tried 10.3a and 10.3? Thanks for the feedback. So what laptop do u have and what GPU? thanks.
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