Core i5 vs Phenom X4

Today, One of my friends told me that intel core i5 is better in gaming than the phenom x4. He also said that it would end up at the same price. I was wondering if that was true. Please include your opinion and the reason why.
Thank you!
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  1. The Core i5 750 is a slightly faster CPU than the Phenom II X4 955 when both are at stock, in some games the Phenom II X4 is faster though. If you're talking about the Phenom X4 series, then there's no question. I don't think the Core i5 750 will drop in price anytime soon, otherwise it would probably kill other sales.
  2. It's not the same price. Check prices for the CPUs and their repsective motherboards.
  3. The i5-760 runs at 2.8 & is only $6 dearer than the 750. So Intel'll either reduce price of the 750 or phase it out.
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