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Hey! I've been looking like crazy for US online stores that ship computer hardware internationally but the only ones I've found doesn't have all the parts I require... It would be okey if only 1 or 2 parts were missing but every time it's the 5870 card, the i7 930 CPU AND the Corsair memory that's missing... :(

I've looked into the 3rd party shipment a bit as well but I feel like it's not for me really so I'm desperate to find a decent store that ships internationally.

I live in Sweden where it's very expensive, I tried putting my system together on an US site and the price dropped like 500$ compared to the Swedish pricing!

Please help! :bounce:
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  1. Very few US resellers bother with international shipping. Even if they did, most of the $500 is savings would be used up in the shipping.

    You could try Ebay, but prices there are generally higher than resellers, but still might end up being cheaper than buying locally.
  2. Try buying from the much closer by UK?
    According to their FAQ page, ship to "most" countries in the EU.

    Also the stuff your buying might be expensive purely because they are old, cant imagine there are many i7-930's you can buy off the shelf anymore.
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