Having trouble diagnosing system not recognizing harddrive

This is an HP Pavilion p6320y.
Windows 7 Home Premium
8GB DDR3 mem
1TB WD Caviar Green Hard Drive
Phenom X4 820 CPU
GeForce GTX460
Corsair TX650W Power Supply

My problem:
Computer has run fine for 2 years. In the middle of playing a game the system completely froze. Upon hard restart, the system will not move past the HP splash screen.

I can get BIOS up and it shows all RAM but does not show my DVD drive or my hard drive.
Ran the HP diagnostics and the CPU and RAM passed test. However I get an error on the hard drive:
Error Code: BIOHD-2
No drive detected.

Frustrated, I assumed my hard drive had crashed.

Went to Best Buy and purchased a similar Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB hard drive. Hooked up the hard drive and inserted the Win7 install disk. I get the message "Reboot and select proper Boot device". (I did make sure the drives are enabled in the BIOS)

At this point I figure it is not the hard drive after all. I reinstall the old hard drive. Next I switch out the red SATA cords and change the power supply cables to another extra set I have coming from the PSU. Still no luck. Tried connecting red SATA cords to open ports on the motherboard. There are four ports and only two are used, one by the DVD drive and one by the hard drive. Still no luck.

What can I do from here? Is my motherboard gone? It is a Pegatron M2N78-LA. I checked out all the capacitors and all the capacitors seem to be in good condition. Is it possible for just the SATA ports on the motherboard to go out?
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  1. If you pull the side of the case off, can you hear any beeps when starting up? If you don't get a single beep, it might be the board is shot.
  2. I only get beeps if I remove the RAM and start it up?
  3. I think no beeps is indicative of a faulty MB. Perhaps others will chime in.
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